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Category: Language Attitudes

What Is a Language?

As users of a language, native speakers know a lot more than they think they do about it. Look at this example:

*Bill handed the Kim to book.

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Language Attitudes, Eviction, and Inequality

Among Milwaukee renters, over 1 in 5 black women report having been evicted in their adult life, compared with 1 in 12 Hispanic women and 1 in 15 white women.

-Matthew Desmond, Evicted

The 2016 Pulitzer Prize-winning Evicted, an investigative work by the sociologist Matthew Desmond, uncovered much of the lives of those living in the worst economic conditions in the United States. At first, you might not see the connections between evictions and language, but the association is tight-knit and direct.

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Language Is Not a Threat

If you want to upset someone, use a different language in front of them.

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