“It just seems to me that being able to demonstrate that certain things are possible seems to be the first step that might actually encourage other individuals to want to do something similar with respect to some performance that they are passionate [about] or interested in improving.” -K Anders Ericsson

One of the most powerful effects of learning linguistics is to show you that something that you see, at the outset, as impossibly complex and unrelentingly difficult ends up being something that you can master. Not the person who was born speaking the language, not the person who lived for 2 years in France, but you yourself. You yourself can learn a language. Any language. And with the help of linguistics, you will no longer be stabbing in the dark, trying to learn by mere exposure, but rather approaching the language systematically – a language is, after all, a system – and figuring it out from the ground up, and with the help of professional scaffolding. Linguistics is powerful, and it will be powerful for you.

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